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Why to Pick a Perfect Concealer?

  • Aslesha Pant
  • July 22, 2020
  • Beauty Tips
Why to Pick a Perfect Concealer?

For a flawless appearance of makeup application, concealer is the key. So, it is necessary to pick a perfect concealer you need and how to apply it. A good concealer cover discoloration lightens dark areas, disguise blemishes. By applying concealer with foundation, you can have an even tone skin. Poorly formulated concealer creates many problems in skin such as blemishes, white cast on under eyes area. There are different types of concealer you can find in the market today such as liquid, stick or crayon, cream, cream-to-powder and color-correcting concealers.

When it comes to pick a perfect concealer, a little amount of correctly matched concealer is better than an unmatched or wrong product. Starting with a dime-sized amount and applying in the desired area will blend the concealer into the skin giving you a perfect coverage. To cover the dark circles, concealer is used however overdoing it may create too artificial flawless skin which might take away the natural blend or shade around the eye.

You need to have more than one concealer when decide to pick a perfect concealer. The concealer you use for your face may not be the same as you use under your eyes because the same concealer may not hide the darkness under your eyes. The darkness under your eye will have a purple color which suggests you use a peach or orange toned concealer. Concealers should be lighter than your foundation so that it will help to create glow to those areas where you have blemishes and spots and want people to avoid those spots on your face. Beautician recommends you to the under-eye specific concealer with standard skin tone matched concealer and apply it for the late night out.

Concealer is used under your eyes, nose, forehead and chin which will lighten your face towards these areas. If you have a chubby face and want people to ignore your fatty areas around your face, concealers plus contouring will help you to give a slim look where people tend to look at your lightened areas and ignore the dark areas.

Along with that, you can use a concealer on your eyelids to have a perfect eyeshadow. After applying the eyeshadow as you want you can apply concealer on your lids and then add the eyeshadow you want to match with. This will remove the dusty eyeshadow look that you have done and then creates a neat look on your eyes. Concealer is also used after applying lipstick to sharp the edges of your lips.

Concealer is also a treatment-based product rather than only hiding imperfections. For acne type skin, treatment-based concealers are used which blend easily and have good coverage on blemishes. These types of concealer include salicylic acid which clears out the breakouts and with Vitamin A, C and E with green tea extract provide antioxidant protection.

If you pick a perfect concealer as per your skin tone will help you create an even tone all over your face. It blends with the foundation and gives you a good-looking skin without any spots on your face. By using mismatched colored concealers, you might cover your blemishes however it will create an uneven skin tone which creates an imperfect look. 

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