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Look Beautiful in Traditional Outfit

  • Aslesha Pant
  • March 27, 2021
  • Fashion
Look Beautiful in Traditional Outfit

To look stylish, it is not necessary that you must wear western dresses. You can look stylish and beautiful in traditional dress as well. Want to know how? Here are some tips for you who want to be the center of attraction.

  • Color Combination

    You can wear any type of traditional dress such as Kurtis, Lehengas or sarees however, it is very important that they should be matched perfectly with each other. You can find different designs on Google which will help you to know the perfect color matched traditional wears. But, if you want your own design, you can match the color through the help of color wheel and design it accordingly.

  • Makeup

    Traditional dress demands a little or good level makeup. Traditional dress without makeup will not glow on your face. A perfect makeup should be matched with the theme of the occasion as well as the dress. Applying makeup will blend with the quality of dress and thus enhance your look and make it stylish and beautiful. You can choose to have a simple or high makeup look which depends on the color of your dress. Having a bright traditional outfit with a simple look may not work as your face will look pale and your outfit will contrast more. For example: Wearing pink blushes with a low bronzer and simmering highlighter will be perfect for a light color dress as pink or white. However, using this same color makeup will not work for red or golden color dress. You must choose red blushes and golden bronzer to match with the outfit. So, while choosing the makeup look it is better to go according to the color of the outfit.

  • Accessories

    Dresses without wearing accessories do not make you look stylish. Casual or traditional or formals, accessories add value to your dress. For traditional dresses, necklace, bangles and earrings have a huge role in your body. Wearing these accessories will complete your look and match you with the occasion. The type of accessories depends on your dress. If you are wearing a high simmering contrast color dress such as golden then it is better to wear medium to heavy jewelry such as golden necklace and bangles, which will not fade out any area of your dress or your ornament. Whereas, if you are wearing a simple dress then, simple accessories such as a locket or pendant for neck, wide bangles for hand etc. should be used.

  • Shoes

    Wearing a comfortable shoe should be considered while you are wearing a traditional dress. Traditional dress should be carried gracefully. Wearing high heels or uncomfortable shoes will hurt your feet and disbalance your walk. This will create a limb look and will not look graceful. If you are comfortable and familiar wearing high heels and can carry it well then, you can choose to wear heels. However, those who are not familiar with high heels shoes it is better to wear flat or small heel shoes. Ethnic shoes will be perfect for traditional dress to enjoy the occasion rather than be busy taking care of your feet.

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