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Fine and fashion jewelry: are these the same?

  • Aslesha Pant
  • July 22, 2020
  • Fashion
Fine and fashion jewelry: are these the same?

A jewelry can be a gift or an investment for yourself. You must know the best jewel to give as a souvenir or to make a good investment. To understand this, you must know that there are two categories for jewelry: Fashion Jewelry and Fine Jewelry.

Fashion jewelry is costume jewelry which is made from base metals and simulated stones. Brass, copper or aluminum are easily bendable metals and are best for making these jewelries. Also, base metal alloys and precious metals such as gold or silver are also used for the fashion jewelry. Plastic stones, cubic zirconia and crystals are used as simulated stones. Costume Jewelry and High-end fashion jewelry. Costume jewelry uses less expensive or simulated stones and plated metals whereas high-end fashion jewelry uses precious metals and genuine stones. High-end fashion jewelry is also known as fine fashion jewelry.

Fashion jewelry can fall under two categories which are: 

You can also use a “semi-fine” category for fashion jewelry which is made from gold vermeil. Those types of jewelry which is made from real gemstones and are much affordable comes under this category. The gemstones are treated with heat and chemicals which makes a clear appearance and flawless color of the stone.

Fashion jewelry is made from those types of metals which tends to crack and does not have much self-life. If the metals are broken, it is very difficult to put it back together as it requires a high level of heat. However, the fashion jewelry comes at a lower price than fine jewelry and the broken piece can be replaced.

Fine jewelry is made from solid gold, silver, platinum and other precious metals. These types of jewelry also use diamonds, rubies and other expensive gemstones. As it is made from expensive gemstones and metals, it tends to be much stronger than fashion jewelry. Even if it is broken, you can repair your jewelry set. Fine jewelry is more expensive than fashion jewelry, but the value and the quality of the jewelry is worth its price tag.

High end fashion jewelry follows the trend of the jewelry fashion whereas fine jewelry has its own classic styles such as tennis bracelets, pearl strand necklaces etc. If you are curious about where the designer jewelry falls then, it falls in between fashion and fine jewelry.

While buying any jewelry you must look at the composition of the piece. The jewelry designer may increase the price because of its brand name however you must ensure whether the piece is low quality or not. You must pay attention to the hallmarks on your jewelry to find if it is fashion jewelry with fancy brand names or a true fine jewelry. If you are planning to invest in fine jewelry because of its value but get disappointed with the price tag then, you can go for pre-owned fine jewelry which will make you invest in your interesting piece at an affordable price. You can get high-quality jewelry with perfect craftsmanship at a reasonable price.

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