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Easy Skin Fixes for Rainy Days

  • Aslesha Pant
  • July 22, 2020
  • Skin Care
Easy Skin Fixes for Rainy Days

You prefer to stay at home being cozy during the monsoon season. Getting out in the rain might not be everyone’s choice. So we have some skin fixes for rainy days. However, you may have work and get out of your room in that rain. But, getting out may not seem to be easy and it looks. Rainy season affects your skin more than winter does because the skin gets in contact with rainwater directly. You must take care of your skin more during rainy days. 

Here we have some skin fixes for rainy days.

  • Have light makeup

    Some makeup products with light weight are also skin fixes for rainy days. During the rainy season, you must prefer waterproof products. Wearing normal mascara and eyeliner without waterproof will flow away with water if you become wet in the rain. Also, the same concept goes for foundation and face cream. You must use heavy moisturizer and foundation during humidity if you prefer easy fixes for rainy days. Your makeup should be light rather than heavy or else you will be irritated with your greasy makeup. You should not have shiny makeup as it will be contrasting against the weather. You can use bright color makeup but not shimmering. 

  • Take Care of your face

    You might feel that you will not have to face the sun much during rainy days. But it is not true when you think about skin fixes for rainy days. Sunscreen should be used every day no matter if you are going out or not. For rainy days, you must use moisturizer as a base to use sunscreen and foundation. The rain includes acidic chemicals which in touch with your skin may create skin irritation, itchiness or rashes. Through the layer of moisturizer, the chemicals of rainwater cannot enter directly into the skin which will reduce the chances of skin irritation.

  • Drink lots of water

    Drinking lots of water is one the easy skin fixes for rainy days. On the other hand, drinking water is necessary in every weather. Summer creates dryness which makes you thirsty and the rainy season will not make you thirsty as you do during summer. But, whether summer, winter or rainy season, you must drink about 2-3 liters of water per day. The dehydration might affect your health and skin and you might suffer from skin problems such as pimples, blemishes, itchiness etc. 

  • Wear Rain gear

    Even though you are wearing sun protection and moisturizer to protect your skin, you must wear rain gear. Rain gear will prevent you from rainwater directly into your skin. By using raingear you will protect your skin, clothes and shoes and rainwater cannot directly be on your skin. Also, raingear will protect you from bugs and insects and rainy insects get out during the rainy season and feed on human blood such as leeches. So, if you wear rainy gear insects and bugs cannot touch your skin.

  • Pay attention to your feet

    you shouldn’t ignore your feet while considering about skin fixes for rainy days. Your feet get wet during rainy days. Wet feet inside your shoes will create odor, and you might make others uncomfortable through the smell. You should take care of your feet everyday by cleansing through warm water and applying moisturizer. To get a quick result, you can apply baby powder on your feet and shoes which will remove the odor that is coming out. It is necessary to keep a travel size baby powder on your bag because who knows it might rain and your feet might smell.

These easy simple skin fixes for rainy days will definitely help you wherever you are in monsoon.

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