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Ayurveda Beauty Care

  • Aslesha Pant
  • December 28, 2019
  • Ayurveda
Ayurveda Beauty Care

Got confused? Don’t know which option to choose? Well, here comes Ayurveda beauty care which avoids chemical composition and magnifies your beauty. Beauty belongs to be natural and magical. Everyone is beautiful in their own way- you just need to add a little magic potion with a loving touch which will enhance your beauty. 

Ayurveda has its own word for body constitution known as Dosha which determines your skin type. Here we have some of them on the basis of ayurveda beauty care methodologies.

  • Vata Skin

    These types of skin are dry and rough which are cold to touch. These skins have thin outer layer which creates premature wrinkles and aging. When the skin goes out of balance, it becomes dry, rough and creates skin fungus. Having the Vata dosha may tend to be sensitive to mental stress which is seen in skin as a stressed look. To avoid this, dermatologists suggest using ayurvedic treatments and skin care products which nourishes the skin and creates a healthy glow. Having a proper sleep and massage with organic oil on your entire body is necessary. Hence, ayurveda beauty care is one of the best method to treat this kind of skin.

  • Pitta Skin

    Reddish, fair or freckled skin which are easily affected and burn by heat and sun and is sensitive and oily and vulnerable to acne and inflammation are Pitta Skin. When out of balance, these skins suffer from skin rashes, rosacea and breakouts. The chemical composition of beauty products and other toxins can show inflammation, blemishes and acnes. Experts advise to use lesser chemical products or choose ayurveda beauty care products which detoxify and cleanse these toxins from the skin which will result in a clear and beautiful complexion. You can calm your skin by calming the tactile nerve and use cool temperature for cleansing and bathing however, ice-cold water should not be used as it might freeze the pores.

  • Kapha Skin

    Kapha skin has smooth, moist, pale, thick skin which ages well. If your skin is pale and hair is wavy, thick oily and dark then you have Kapha Skin. These types of skin tend to have large pores where black/white heads or acne can easily arise. Kapha skin tends to excrete oil excessively which results in dirt and clogs the pores. Having an inactive lifestyle and incompatible foods will roughen the skin. Ayurveda beauty care treatment will detoxify the skin by increasing circulation and restoring the skin balance. You must do daily exercise in order to detoxify your body and have a good digestion system.

    So, knowing your skin type will help you know what you should eat and create routine to balance and nourish your skin. Cleansing, replenishing and nourishing is the common step for a skin routine. It depends on your skin type how often you should use this step.

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