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Apply Eyeliner in 10 Different Ways

  • Aslesha Pant
  • September 27, 2020
  • Beauty Tips
Apply Eyeliner in 10 Different Ways

Before to apply eyeliner or doing eye makeup you should make sure to use eye primer. Eye primer will smooth your eyelids and create a smooth good-looking eye. You must have trouble applying eyeliner as it might be beautiful on one and worse at another eye. You might look like a panda after trying hard on your application. It is better to use gel eyeliner rather than liquid eyeliner as it will help you to draw lines around your eyes easily. Here are some ways to apply eyeliner which will create a good finished look on your eyes.

  • No-eyeliner Look

    In this look, press your eyes and fold it upwards you will see a white line on your eyes. Apply eyeliner on that line following the eyelashes. This will see as if you have not applied an eye liner, but you have a dark border which looks like a thick eyelash. It seems as if your eyelashes are heavy and thick and makes you look natural.

  • Apply Eyeliner in a Basic Way

    For this style, you must start from the middle of your eye and follow your lash lines to the end of your eye. Make it simple and thin so that your eyes look natural and have a dark border.

  • Simplicity

    It is a simple and straightforward look where you just have to shape your natural look of your eyes. Just apply eyeliner around the upper eye border which will create a black border on your eyes and makes your eyes look simple yet beautiful.

  • Smooth

    It is a basic line that is drawn over your eyes with a little winger. You just apply eyeliner as a basic line from your front to end eye corner and have a thin wing out from your eye corner.

  • Classic winged look eyeliner

    You get trouble when it comes to having wings on your eyeliner. Well, at first you must line your eye shape and wing out a line from the outer corner of your eyes. You can lengthen your wing as you want. Then, the end of the wing should be connected to the original shape which you have created as first and fill in those areas where it is black.

  • Double Wing eyeliner

    For this look, you must create a winged eyeliner then start again from the outer corner of your eyes. Drag the line from that corner to the length that you want outside the eye area and to the center of your low eye.

  • Fishy Tail

    Fishy Tail eyeliner is like double winged eyeliner, but the second wing is downwards. First, shape your eyes through eyeliner and create a little curvy wing. Drag the end of the wing towards the center of your eyelids and fill it thoroughly. Then, create a curved line from the end of your eye corner downwards and join the end of that curve line towards the center of your lower eye. Fill it thoroughly and you get a fishtail eyeliner look.

  • Drama

    It is an extremely bold look which is like a winged look but much heavier. Make it a winged look at first where the winged look is drag at the end of the eye corner. But, in this style, you must drag the end of wind towards the front eye corner.

  • Bold

    This is a kind of dramatic eyeliner without a wing. Just apply eyeliner as a basic line in your eye border and add thickly from front to end of your eye corner.

  • Feline

    Feline is a winged look eyeliner but bordering the lower eyes as well. Make a winged eyeliner on your eyes. Then, drag the end of the wing towards the front edge of your eye from downwards.

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