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6 ways to select perfect highlighter

  • Aslesha Pant
  • July 20, 2020
  • Face Makeup
6 ways to select perfect highlighter

Highlighter is the magical beauty secret to glow your skin. If you select perfect highlighter then it will  complete a perfect look and enhance your beauty. People have the right to glow and highlighter is the perfect product to enhance your glow.

Highlighters transform your makeup look magically. We tend to choose the wrong shade with the wrong application. We jump to other new release product options however; the shade and application may not be correct. You don’t choose to glow through highlighter. Highlighter chooses you to slay the world. Here is some advice for you to select perfect highlighter according to your shade and skin type.

  • How to select perfect highlighter for Porcelain skin

    Porcelain or fairer skin people have the tough time to get the perfect shade. New released products will not be matched on fair skin. Using the wrong shade will react as opposite and even a slightly dark highlighter can leave a dark spot on your application. Dermatologists suggest using ivory pearl finish highlighter for perfect fair skin which will pop out your glow.

  • Select perfect highlighter for Light/ medium skin

    Makeup industries mainly target the light/medium shaded skin. For your skin, select perfect highlighter is harder than finding an oyster. Experts advice to use champagne/gold finished highlighter for your shade to slay the world.

  • Advice to select perfect highlighter for Olive to dark skin

    Olive or dark skin tones need to be embraced with bronze and gold undertones. Analysts recommend using a warm neutral with gold undertone highlighter which will give you a sun kissed glow. It is better to avoid frost or pink shade as highlighter is all about being beautiful.

  • Liquid Highlighters – don’t miss it when you are looking to select perfect highlighter

    Liquid highlighter is an illuminated which gives a healthy glow from within. Because of this, liquid highlighters can sometimes go wrong by putting too much on the face and look like a disco ball. To give a natural no make-up look, it is better to apply liquid highlighter before the foundation. Skin experts suggest using it for dry skin as it contains moisturizing oils which have tendencies to have acne.

  • Why not Powder Highlighter?

    Powder Highlighter is the most common highlighter which stands out on the skin. when it comes to powder highlighter, beauty expert’s opinions can also be considered to select perfect highlighter for oily skin. You must apply this highlighter after you set your makeup or right before you put on your blush.

  • Cream Highlighter – A new idea to select perfect highlighter

    Most of the people skip these types of highlighter as they are not familiar on how to use it. It is a hybrid of liquid and powder highlighter and gives you natural glow. Take your highlighter cream and dab it in your hand and then apply to the face through fingers. Cream highlighter may or may not be oil-free, so it is important to know the type of skin you have. Professionals suggest taking expert’s appointments to know the exact skin type and product which will have less effect on skin.

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